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Something offbeat

It’s a custom for Corporate teams to celebrate an achievement. It could be a team outing because of an important release or your company achieving a major milestone. Employees need to be pampered sometimes for the good work they have done, and rightfully so. Whether it is a gala team lunch, a day outing at a famous resort, or visiting an amusement park, all of these enable the team to get together and indulge in a myriad of luxuries.

Sometimes though, the purpose of team outing may be totally different. Yours might be a brand new team, or many newcomers have recently become part of your team. In this case, team building could be your top priority. Many teams have a yearly team bonding exercise called Outbound Learning, in short, OBL. 

Whatever is your goal as an HR, Project Manager, or Peoples Manager, if you wish to innovate a bit, are willing to test new waters, offbeat outdoor trips, and/or treks to lovely destinations are a great way to bring your team together. Plenty of natural attractions like beaches, waterfalls, mountains, hills, forests, lakes, and estates present you with a diverse set of options to choose from. Spending time in mother nature makes one feel happier and instantly connects people in the group. You can always insert your team building activities/objectives on a fun trip.

Corporate Trek
Team HPCL @ Coorg Tadiandamol Trek

Team Spirit by Trekking

Treks can greatly simulate a team environment. The endpoint of the trek is a challenge to overcome or a milestone to achieve. We start together as a team, which slowly splits into different smaller groups. Fast movers who are physically fit, eager to climb, and are always ahead of the pack. Moderate movers who enjoy the process of trekking and go with a flow. Finally, the slow movers who understand their physical limitations and take their own sweet time. Newer clusters are formed as per their pace and abilities as they advance. 

The test of scaling a mountain creates a sense of togetherness in the groups. Team members will push each other and help one another. During intermittent breaks to catch breath, slow whispers make their way, just as they happen in any team executing a complex project:
“What is the need for this trek in the first place?”
“Why did our manager take this decision to make us stretch?”,

Not always challenges emerge at our choosing of time and comfort in a team environment. That’s when an enthusiastic cheerleader among them inspires:
“Come on guys, let’s do this together, let’s take one step at a time”
“We will go ahead 50 meters and take another break”

It’s about not giving up, it’s about belief and perseverance. Corporate treks can mimic a small team exercise that enables people to have each others’ back at the time of need. And the jubilation when the slowest people eventually scale the summit is just priceless. Everybody who already surpassed the challenge can give a round of applause to slowest movers to make it to the peak, in spite of their limitations. A celebratory team photograph at the summit registers well, both on cameras as well as your memories.

Corporate Trek
Team K12 Techno Services @ Kunti Betta Day Trek
Team Outing
Team TCS @ Chikmagalur
Corporate Trip
Team Intel Corp. @ Agumbe Rainforest

Team Bonding by Group Trips

Leisure trips with your team members can be a real game-changer. You can play lots of games on board during the journey, go on sightseeing tours, play under waterfalls, do some easy hikes if you wish, stay overnight in a beautiful setting, and indulge in adventurous activities as offered by the destination. These trips offer something interesting for everybody irrespective of age, gender, or hierarchy. You can cherry-pick what you want in terms of schedule, places, and activities.

There is nothing like spending a night together that takes team bonding to the next level. Who knows, there might be a hidden Shreya Ghoshal or Arijit Singh in your team. Your own colleague might be an energetic dancer, your team lead might be an entertaining stand up comedian, or your manager might be an enticing guitarist. All hidden talents will come out around the warm campfire under a starry night sky where people think they are not judged.

We have handpicked some of the destinations we think are good for corporate trips.

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