1. What are the precautions being taken to stop spreading COVID-19?

  1. Firstly, we will not allow a person showing symptoms of Corona Virus or Flu to board our vehicle.
  2. Our trip Organizer will perform temperature check and look for other symptoms before anyone boards our vehicle
  3. Before starting, our driver will sanitize frequently touched items in the vehicle like the door handle, seat rest, and window holders
  4. It is mandatory for travelers to have face masks and advice to carry their own hand sanitizers
  5. At our stay, we will provide a liquid hand wash as well as hand sanitizers wherever needed.
  6. We provide paper plates and glasses instead of steel/plastic ones.
  7. Our cooks and helpers at the stay will maintain proper hygiene for food preparation
  8. We provide fresh blankets/sleeping bags for sleeping
  9. We place mattresses with a minimum of 3 feet distance for sleeping. In the case of camping, if you are traveling with your partner or friends, then we will assign the same tent.
  10. We expect co-operation from travelers also.
  11. All the above points do not mean there are many restrictions during the trip. These points cater to basic hygiene and if everyone follows them, we will have a safe and happy trip.

2. I am traveling solo. Will I get a single tent or private stay as this is COVID time?

No. We have usually 2 kinds of stays for our trips – Homestay and Camping. We surely cannot provide a private room if it’s a homestay. There will be a separate stay for each gender as always. Basically, it’s still a shared accommodation in spite of COVID. In the case of camping, you might have to share a tent with another person even if you are single. In case we have an additional free tent, then we have no problem in giving it to a single person. But we cannot promise.

3. What about Social Distancing during the trip as we are traveling with unknown people, and anyone may carry the coronavirus?

Our treks/trips are group activities where members of the group help each other and complement one another while venturing into mother nature. So, social distancing is logically not possible during our trips within the group members. Also, during travel, people would be seated within 2 to 3 feet distance from each other in the vehicle.

Wearing a mask, avoiding physical contact, frequently sanitizing hands, and not touching eyes/nose will help in avoiding any kind of infection.

4. Do you assure I will not get COVID infection during the trip?

No. We cannot be 100% sure about the COVID-19 infection. However, from our end, we take all precautions as mentioned above to minimise the spread. In spite of our best efforts to filter people who show COVID-19 symptoms, there is a limitation with respect to people who do not show symptoms (Asymptomatic carriers). Travellers are expected to only book their trips if they are okay with this fact.

5. Are you restricting the number of people per trip during COVID?

No. We cannot put any restriction on the numbers as these are group trips with a limited budget and limited seats. Moreover, the RTO department has not put any restrictions on the number of people in a single vehicle (tempo/minibus). A tempo may have 10-12 travellers and a minibus may have 18-20 travellers. However, we would not overcrowd our vehicles or stays keeping in mind COVID-19 guidelines and precautions. Travellers are expected to only book their trips if they are okay with this fact.

6. Will you refund my money if I am not allowed to board your vehicle at the last moment because of COVID-19 symptoms?

No. Refund is not possible within 48 hours of the trip start time – whatever be the reason. Please check our Refund Policy before booking any trip with us.

7. Is there any blog that I can go through in order to get more information about traveling during COVID time?

Yes. Please go through this blog for more details.