Nagaland Backpacking Trip with Dzukou Valley Trek (6D/5N)


Ex. Dimapur
Nagaland Trip & Dzukou Valley Trek

This backpacking trip takes you to a hidden treasure located in the far east named Dzukou valley of Nagaland, a place straight out of a fantasy movie!

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    • Activity Level Moderate
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      4 -12
    All about the Nagaland Backpacking Trip with Dzukou Valley Trek (6D/5N).

    Hello Travelers!

    Tucked between Brahmaputra valley on one side, and high mountain passes of Myanmar on the other side, Nagaland is a small mountainous state with unique and colorful culture. The Nagas have fiercely defended India from the Japanese army in World War 2. There are many reminiscent in and around Kohima that are very interesting to explore.

    Dzukou valley is North East’s very own “Valley of Flowers” famous for its Dzukou lily that grows only in the monsoon season. The spectacular “mountain wave” setting of Dzukou valley is almost unbelievable. It can be described as waves of mountains reaching as far as your eyes can see. It feels like a setting straight out of fairy tales and makes you wonder – how on Earth such a marvelous creation is plausible!?

    We will start our journey from Dimapur Airport and Railway station. Our first destination is Khonoma which is called “Green Village”. A walk around the village will introduce us to the culture of Nagas.

    Next in line is a unique village named Dzuleke that has only 34 houses, and no mobile network! We can even do a small trek to a nearby river stream.

    We will then move to the capital town of Nagaland, also called the land of tribes, Kohima. After visiting few local attractions in and around the town, we will then head to Kisama village to experience the true culture of Nagas followed by an evening trip to view step mountain fields of Kigwema village.

    Incidentally, Kisama village is the home to the most famous Hornbill Festival of Nagas that is celebrated with pomp and glory in the first 10 days of December every year.

    And then the real heavenly experience beckons – a trek to The Dzukou Valley. Located at a height of 9000 feet above sea level, this carpet of mountain terrain with dwarf bamboos is a treat to your senses. The valley is abundantly supplied with water by two rivers. After a tricky initial climb, the only thing one would do for the next 2 days is to just admire the incredible views. A night of camping in the valley under millions of stars is a sight to behold.

    One thing is certain, that you will have lots of stories to tell after this backpacking trip!

    Let’s explore the hidden wonder of North East – Nagaland!

    Highlights of the Nagaland Trip:

    • The Heavenly Dzukou Valley Trek (2 Days / 1 Night)
    • Khonoma – The Green Village
    • Kohima – The land of Tribes
    • Dzuleke – Go back in time to a hidden gem!
    • Kigwema – The clean village with step mountain fields
    • Kisama Heritage Village – The heart of Nagas culture
    • A unique experience one wouldn’t get any where in India!

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    1. Day 1 Konoma - The Green Village, Dzuleke - A village without mobile network!
      • Travelers arriving by train at Dimapur Railway station will be picked around 11:30 AM in the noon.
      • Travelers deboarding flights at Dimapur Airport will be picked around 12 PM in the noon.
      • We will move towards capital city of Nagaland – Kohima, say hi to our amiable Trip Captain.
      • Finish quick, short Lunch enroute at a local restaurant.
      • (Optional / Time & traffic permits) Stop by at Nagaland State Museum which is in the middle of Kohima town and get to know about colorful local culture and different tribes that are part of this unique state.
      • Reach the beautiful green village – Khonoma – and go on a village walk.
        If lucky, we will be treated with a beautiful sunset across the hill.
      • A journey of about an hour from Khonoma will take us back in time to a serene place called Dzuleke that has tiniest of population – only 34 households.
      • At Dzuleke, one can actually feel a sense of calmness that is totally undisturbed from the civilization. There is no mobile network also!
      • Check into our cozy village homestay.
      • Socially gather as we share each others stories and get to know each other better.
      • Finish delicious Dinner served at our Dzuleke stay and take a good night’s rest.
    2. Day 2 Dzuleke Nature Walk, Kohima attractions
      • Go on a early morning nature walk to the Dzuleke stream and experience peace in the lap of mother nature.  One can hear birds chirping, wind blowing against the trees and witness clear blue skies with slowly moving clouds. If lucky, one can even spot some wildlife.
      • Fresh up, have Breakfast, check out of the stay.
      • Khonoma village walk (if not done yesterday).
      • Head towards Kohima, the capital town of Nagaland to visit colorful Cathedral Church & World War II Cemetery to know interesting stories about Japanese army attacking India through North East and how Nagas defended our country. 
      • Reach Kisama village home stay by early evening and say good bye to the Dzuleke/Kohima driver.
      • Gather around socially, play some games.
      • Finish hot Dinner before calling it off for the day.
    3. Day 3 Kisama Heritage Village Walk, Kigwema Village exploration

      ***Leisurely day***

      • Start the day late with Breakfast.
      • Explore Kisama Heritage village by walk, the mystic piece of land that showcases rich culture, architecture and practices of The Nagas.
      • Kisama is also the venue of vibrant Hornbill festival that happens every year in December.
      • One can explore closed architectural pieces like Bamboo pavilion, Idols, and Morungs which are the arenas for the tribes to learn and display different skills like archery, arts, crafts and even headhunting!
      • Most of these places in Heritage village are actively decorated during Hornbill festival of early December.
      • Finish Lunch at one of the food joints of the village & walk back to the homestay.
      • After a brief rest, go on a short road trip by local vehicle to a clean & well maintained village named Kigwema.
      • Enjoy beautiful view point of step mountain fields of Kigwema and explore the village.
      • Head back to the Homestay, gather around Bonfire (weather permits).
      • Wrap up for the night with early Dinner.
    4. Day 4 Dzukou Valley: Trek to Fairy Land, Camping
      • The day we have been waiting for has arrived. Today we shall trek to the heavenly Dzukou valley from the village. 
      • Breakfast time.
      • Our Dzukou cab will arrive before 8 AM.
      • Note: Dzukou Valley doesn’t have mobile network. It is advised to carry some cash & pack some snacks.
      • You may put your bigger backpacks at the Homestay and carry only the small backpack with essentials. Our guide will give individual sleeping bags to each trekker and our Porter will carry heavier tents.
      • The initial part of the trek, around 2 hours of the mountain slope is steep and surrounded by rain forest. The locals have done a great job in maintaining the sanctity of the trail.
      • Once we hike up the mountain, a completely new world appears in front of our eyes. Tens of rolling hills carpeted by dwarf bamboo trees welcome trekkers with a captivating views.
      • This remaining part of trek of about 3 hours through the valley is relatively easy but long. The beauty of the valley will make trekkers forget everything else.
      • We will reach base camp located at a magnificent setting at the other end and drop our bags in the tents once our care taker pitches the tents.
      • After a well deserved hot black Tea, we will hike up nearest mountain peak which is the only place with mobile signal!
      • Gear up for a very very cold night. Weather permits, locals may even arrange a bonfire.
      • Have a basic but hot Dinner (self sponsored) before resting in your assigned tents.
    5. Day 5 Explore the Fairyland, Trek back to Earth, stay at Kisama
      • Today we shall explore a Helipad and trek down the valley to reach breathtaking grasslands, pristine and cold flowing rivers, floating clouds that act as a crown to the majestic mountain peaks.
      • This 3 Km trek down is icing on the cake of already unimaginable setting of the Dzukou valley
      • After taking endless selfies, groupfies and Reels, we will finally trek up and have hot Lunch at our base camp
      • Resume our trek along the hills, and finally hike down the rainforest of the mountain slope to reach back to Jakhama village.
      • Our Dzukou vehicle will be waiting at the parking to pick tired and exhausted trekkers.
      • Once we are dropped to the stay by late afternoon, there is no more activity planned for the day.
      • Your body asks for rest after 2 days of trek and exploration. 
      • Finish Dinner and have a tight sleep.
    6. Day 6 Return journey!
      • Good morning Nagaland one last time during the trip.
      • All the outgoing flights are scheduled around afternoon time from Dimapur Airport. Our Airport vehicle will drop you just in time for flight check-in / baggage drop.
      • People travelling to Guwahati on their own will be dropped at Dimapur Railway station.
      • Good bye Nagaland until next time!
    Generic Details

    About Trip:

    • This trip involves basic facilities in terms of food, travel, and stay without any luxury, whatsoever.
    • This is a group trip with shared model. It may not suit everyone – especially for those expecting privacy and luxury. It best suits for people who wish to socialize.
    • Please do not book this trip if you are not okay with above points.


    Starting points:

    • Dimapur Railway station: 11:30 AM on Day-1
    • Dimapur Airport: 11:45 AM on Day-1

    Drop points:

    • Dimapur Airport: 11 AM on Day-6
    • Dimapur Railway station: 11:30 AM on Day-6

    Local Travel in Nagaland:

    • Local Travel by Sumo/Innova/Eeco or similar tourist vehicles.
    • Usually we use multiple vehicles during the trip.
    • Note: There is no night journey in this trip. All travel is during day time.

    How to reach Dimapur by Train:

    • Book a flight to Guwahati (much cheaper than Dimapur flight).
    • Take a morning train to Dimapur – just 5 hours of journey from Guwahati.

    Flight booking:

    • Our Bookings Team can assist you in booking your flight tickets to Guwahati or Dimapur as per your choice.
    • You may whatsapp 9880539183 for assistance in flight timings or tickets.


    • Total 5 Nights
    • All stays are 3/4/5 sharing basis.
    • Couple stay can be provided at an extra cost of 1000 per night. Contact our Booking Team to check availability before booking.
    • You may get in touch with our Booking Team on 9880539183 if you wish to see stay pictures.

    Places of Stay:

    • Dzuleke: Homestay for 1 Night (Comfort stay)
    • Kisama: Homestay for 3 Nights (Comfort stay)
    • Dzukou Valley: Camping for 1 Night (Basic stay)
      > Common washrooms by Dzukou association.

    Trip Basics:

    • Total seats: 4 – 15 per batch.
    • Trek Difficulty: Moderate (1.5 days of trek)
    • Can beginners attempt? : Yes, given one is fit enough.
    • Tents are carried by Porter and individual Sleeping Bags have to be carried by trekkers
    • Max altitude: Dzukou Valley at 9000 feet above Sea level
    • Climate: Cold to Very cold (depending on the season)

    Booking Procedure:

    There are 2 ways of booking this trip

    • Directly book through Book Now option.
      > Full payment.
    • Through UPImuddietrails@okaxis
      > Booking amount of  INR 6000 shall be made.
      > Send screenshot to Booking Team on 9880539183. An e-mail confirmation will be sent after acknowledgement.
      > Remaining trip amount shall be paid 1 month before trip start date.
      > Booking amount is non-refundable if cancelled later or failed to pay balance amount on time.
    • Note: Within 1 month, ONLY full payment option is applicable.

    What’s next after booking your trip:

    • Organizers will get in touch with you, or vice versa.
    • Once minimum number of people book this trip (at least 4 members), Organizing team will give a green signal to book your flights.
    • A Whatsapp group will be created for all the registered folks 5 days before the event.

    Special Notes for Nagaland:

    • Travelers are expected to respect local culture, people, and rules of the land. The specific details will be shared in the WhatsApp group by Trip Captain. This is very important.
    • Travelers are expected to come with an open heart by appreciating the complexities of Mother nature based on seasonal variations, monthly or even daily weather conditions.

    Things to Carry for Dzukou Valley Trek, Nagaland Trip:

    • Toiletries, moisturizer, light towel etc.
    • Photo identity proof with address (Aadhar/Passport/Voter ID) – will be collected few days before trip.
    • A lightweight large Backpack for the entire trip (60 liters or more).
      Note: Trolleys are not recommended for this backpacking trip.
    • A small bag for basic items (to carry valuables, water bottle, snacks, etc for outdoors).
    • Thermal inners and warm clothes (cold climate).
    • A Poncho or a rainproof Jacket with a hood (to protect from cold winds, sudden rain).
    • Thick socks, track pants, full sleeve t-shirts (to keep your body warm).
    • Cap/Hat/Sunglasses (to protect from harmful sun rays).
    • Sunscreen (SPF 50 or more).
    • Power bank, charger, camera, binoculars (if you wish to).
    • Cash for Lunches / misc. expenses (no mobile signal at few places).
    • Hand sanitizer and liquid hand wash for hygiene.
    • Proper water bottle for your trip.
    • Disposable garbage covers (To separate used/unused clothes).
    • Water-resistant good grip shoes for travel, extra slippers to use at stays.
    • Personal medications that you may feel necessary (remember ghat roads, chill climate).
    • UNO or Playing cards for social gathering in the evenings (Day 2, Day 3 and Day 5 are leisurely).

    Best Time to Travel to Dzukou:

    • Dzukou valley is best visited during Monsoon and Winter. The monsoon special experience would be from June till August when Dzukou Lillis grow and the valley is transformed into a green carpet of mountain waves.
    • It is also good in winter (Oct to Jan) where extremely chilling temperatures give way to a frozen valley, especially early in the morning.

    Seasonal variations:

    • Mar, Apr (Summer): These are drier months. While the beauty is intact, the experience would be a little underwhelming.
    • May to Sept (Monsoons): The rains hit the mountains starting from May, and the valley comes alive. Dzukou lilies and Rhododendrons decorate the valley in different colors (especially in June and July). The rains will continue till mid-September, with clouds playing hide and seek.
    • Oct to mid-Feb (Winter): Clouds give away to clear skies and amazing sunsets. The extreme chill sets into the valley with freezing nights and early morning sunrises. The valley is still very beautiful.
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Nagaland Package InclusionsItems that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Travel (Dimapur to Dimapur)
    • Stay for 5 nights
    • 5 times Breakfast
    • 4 times Dinner (Veg & Non veg)
    • All entry tickets, permissions
    • Dzukou Valley Trekking Fees
    • Trip Captain
    • Porter to carry Tents for Dzukou Valley trek
    • At least 1 Campfire (if it doesn’t rain at the time)
    • Airport/Railway station pick up and drop at fixed timings
    • A unique cultural and offbeat experience of the most untouched state Nagaland.
    Nagaland Package ExclusionsItems that are excluded in the cost of tour price.
    • Lunches, 1 Dinner at Dzukou Valley
    • Any kind of insurance, activities, shopping, party, medical expenses
    • Any misc. expenses that are not in inclusions above
    • Any extra cost arising due to any change in the itinerary/stay/route on account of bad weather, traffic-congestion, landslides/roadblocks, natural calamities, political disturbances and/or any other factors beyond our control.

    Terms & Conditions:

    • The itinerary is fixed. No special requests to change itinerary/schedule shall be entertained. Do not give advice(s) to the Trip Leader(s) to change the itinerary.
    • Cooperate with the organizer(s) in following the schedule set for the day (especially getting up and getting ready in the morning). This will ensure travelers won’t miss out on the real fun part that is traveling.
    • Every traveler is responsible for his/her for your own safety. Don’t indulge in any illegal or silly activity that causes harm to you or fellow travelers.
    • Do not wander into the forest away from the designated trail for treks. There may be snakes, scorpions, and dangerous animals.
    • Unexpected situations: It may happen we do not cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary because of unpredictable reasons like bad weather, landslides, wild animal presence, abrupt blocking of sites by the police/forest department, delay in travel because of an issue with our group itself, traffic conditions, etc. In most cases, if the time permits, the organizer(s) will take travelers to an alternative place. But in some cases, we may have to skip a place altogether.
    • Absolutely no littering. We swear to protect our environment.
    • No alcohol & smoking during travel, treks, and other outdoor activities. There would be a separate window and space (usually at night) to have these at the campsite/homestay for interested people.
    • Travelers are expected to respect each other and help each other. Avoid discussing sensitive matters like sex, politics, and religion/caste/race.
    • Using foul or abusive language, eve-teasing, arguing with fellow travelers/organizer(s), and/or involving in the physical assault will not be accepted and will stand a chance of being deserted by the group then and there.
    • The event will stand canceled if less than 8 travelers signed up for the trip/trek which will be informed 24 hours before the trip start time.
    • Every traveler is expected to sign a liability/waiver form given by the organizer(s) after boarding the vehicle. This liability form will discharge Muddie Trails of any unexpected incident like injury/death/theft etc.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation by Traveler

    • 80% refund if a cancellation request is sent 30 days before the trip start date.
    • 50% refund if a cancellation request is sent between 30 to 15 days before the trip start date.
    • An email has to be sent to to raise a cancellation request.
    • No refund within 15 days of the event start time whatever is the reason (Health, COVID, Accident, Family crisis, Office issue, or anything else).
    • No refund during/after the event.
    • No refund on the partial payment (advance) done to block your seat for the trip.

    Cancellation by Muddie Trails

    Muddie Trails may decide to cancel the event if there are less than 3 travelers signed up for the trip/trek.

    What if we don’t get the minimum number of people for the trip?
    We have 2 options in this case:
    Option 1: Complete refund.
    Option 2: Switch to any other trip of the same weekend or future weekends. The difference amount will be collected from you or paid back according to the new trip cost.

    Cancellation due to external factors

    Muddie Trails may have to cancel the event in case of external factors that are beyond our control like Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather Conditions, Red Alerts, Political Disturbances, Bandh/Curfews, Local Issues, Road Blocks, Train cancellations, Covid-19 or any other disease outbreaks etc.

    In these scenarios:

    • No Refund is allowed.
    • 100% trip amount can be used for any other new trip of the same weekend or future weekends. The difference amount will be collected from you or paid back according to the new trip cost.
    • Once you confirm your participation on the new trip, all the above Cancellation policies will apply for the same.

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