Hornbill FAQs

Hornbill & Dzukou FAQs


🔰 How about mobile network on my Hornbill trip?

👉 Mobile network is not great during the entire trip. BSNL & Jio work better followed by Airtel & Vodafone.
👉 No mobile signal at Dzukou Valley Trek (Day 4 & 5).

🔰 How’s the climate? What kind of clothes I should pack for festival?

👉 Nagaland is very cold during December. Carry sweaters, monkey caps, sweat shirts and thick socks to protect from cold. 

👉 Dzukou Valley is extremely cold with chill winds, especially in the night (Day 4, 5).

👉 It is advised to check weather forecast and carry a rain proof Jacket or a Poncho for the trek, if needed.

👉 Please refer “Things to Pack” section on our website for more details.

🔰 How many times can we visit Hornbill festival? 

👉 3 times: Day 1 evening (after Kohima), Day 2 & 3 (full day – festival special).

🔰 Can I get a trolley?

👉  No. Backpacks are recommended.
👉  Trolleys occupy lots of space. Backpacks can be easily arranged at the backside of the vehicle by our Driver.
👉  It’s more convenient to use backpacks during camping.

🔰 Will I need to carry my backpack every day?

👉 No. We will either put in vehicle or at camp.
👉 For Dzukou Valley trek we will carry necessary items in a small bag + individual sleeping bag.

🔰 How long are our journeys on average? Is it very tiresome?

👉 Not really.
👉 Day 1: 3-4 hours break journey (Khnoma, Kisama).
👉 Day 2: No journey, only walk.
👉 Day 3: No journey, only walk.
👉 Day 4: 40 mins journey (to Dzukou base).
👉 Day 5: 40 mins journey (back to camp).
👉 Day 6: 2.5 hours (Camp to Airport).

🔰 How is the camping at Hornbill? Is it one of the temporary camps setup for the festival?

👉 No, we do not work with temporarily setup camps for Hornbill as their service quality is poor.
👉 Ours is a permanent camp located at a walkable distance (~ 1 km) from Hornbill arena.
👉 Tents are 2 & 3 sharing basis as mentioned on website. Each tent has mats and sleeping bags.
👉 There is no pillow in the tent. You can get air pillow if needed.
👉 Charging ports – we have few of them near by tents. But do get your power banks without miss. Electricity is a bit unreliable.
👉 Hot water facility is available every morning from 6 to 8 AM.

🔰 What kind of food is served for Breakfast? I am a pure vegetarian, will I get veggies at Hornbill?

👉 Breakfasts served at our camp are usually unlimited Poori or Plain Paratha with sabzi, Aloo Paratha, Bread butter jam toast with Milk Tea & Coffee.

👉 We can get enough varieties of Veg food near Hornbill arena for Lunch and Dinner. Food stalls from different states are usually setup (North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Chinese etc.). Vegetarians no need to worry.

🔰 What are the group etiquettes I need to follow?

👉 Please help each other and be kind to one another. On a budget backpacking group trip like this, it’s important to put personal priorities aside and go along with the group.

👉 Please do not argue with co-travelers or Driver or Locals in Nagaland. If you need anything then politely request but not demand. Give respect and take respect.

👉 Finally do read “Terms & Conditions” of your Hornbill trip. If anyone violates the Terms in a way that causes inconvenience to Co-travelers or hinders smooth running of the trip, the company won’t tolerate and an immediate action will be taken.